1. The Jax Connolly Bride Experience

Dear Sweet Bride and Groom,

Congratulations on your recent engagement! A wedding is one of the most meaningful days of your life. Which is why I believe a wedding photographer's job is more than just snapping photos. It's about helping the day naturally unfold. I believe in being a guiding light for you throughout your wedding planning process, and, on the day of your wedding, capturing real memories. 



I am a visual storyteller and love the story of love. My goal is to tell your love story, the real story, by creating and capturing real memories throughout your best day ever. Whether it's the first look or when you are finally putting on that gorgeous wedding dress with all your girls around you, I will build in time to help curate these beautiful memories that you can look back on for years to come. 



Let's face it, having your most intimate moments be in front of a camera can be a bit unnatural. From start to finish, I will be there to guide you through the experience by introducing you to key poses, talking you through those poses, as well as holding that sacred space for those unposed candid moments that I love so so much. All you need to do is be yourself, laugh a lot, and most importantly, be here now. 



Are you a cake in the face type of couple or are you a sweet feed each other with a fork couple? I want to know! The best part of this job is getting to know you before our time together. Once you book, I will send you a couple of questionnaires so that I can get a better sense of your dynamic as a couple. This is because my clients are my friends, and getting to know you let's me capture your day to the best of my ability. 



You've been to weddings and you've seen that behind the scenes action, like bridal party shots, but now it's your turn, and frankly, there's way more things to do than you ever imagined. Even though it can feel like a full time job, just remember, you are not obligated to know everything about weddings. That's why you hire professionals. From creating a photography timeline to providing you with tips on how to prepare for your wedding day, I will help be a guiding light for you throughout this special time! 


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