Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal | Julie and Pankaj | San Diego Wedding Photographer


What a fun and sweet surprise proposal!!! I definitely cried a little on this one. Here's the backstory:

Like past San Diego destination surprise proposals, Pankaj found me on google and we instantly connected. Pankaj and his girlfriend Julie would be taking a vacation at the end of June to San Diego. They had talked about getting engaged this summer, so she knew it was coming, but he threw her a curve ball and told her he planned to do it around September.

He definitely wanted this proposal to be romantic, a major surprise, and as special as it could be, but he also knew that he had to come up with a pretty darn good story to pull this one off. So for the last month we have been in communication in cognito by phone, text, and e-mail planning this Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal. 

We went back and forth trying to figure out the best plan until Pankaj talked with his aunt who lives in San Diego. His aunt knows people in pretty much every city, so they came up with a plan. A few weeks before their trip in San Diego his aunt was going to send him an e-mail saying that one of her friends has a good friend in San Diego (which was me!) who is starting out with her photography business and is looking to build a portfolio with photoshoots of couples. In the e-mail she was going to ask if Pankaj and Julie would like to volunteer. Pankaj would act surprised, show Julie the email and tell her that it would be a good idea. Since Julie loves taking photos of them, he was pretty certain she would agree! And she did! 

Not only did she agree, but when Pankaj got on one knee she said YES!!! Julie's reaction was priceless in so many ways. They know each other so well, and we found ourselves cracking up the entire time. Congratulations, Julie and Pankaj on this special engagement! Thanks for trusting me to capture it. There's so much to celebrate and you are in one of the most beautiful places to do it! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Photography: Jax Connolly 

Flowers: Flowers of La Costa

Ring: James Allen