Sunset Cliffs Anniversary Session | Amy and Jim | San Diego Wedding Photographer


Amy and Jim are so freakin’ cute! A couple of months ago, I got an Instagram message from Amy, a photographer from Iowa, requesting my services. Her and her husband, Jim, were coming to San Diego for a vacation (they had honeymooned here 3 years ago) and she wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate their love yet again in this gorgeous destination. Since Amy is also a photographer, Shamrock Photography to be exact, we decided we'd both get dressed up and exchange our craft with each the other! And it was SO fun!

Amy and Jim met in the golf world through mutual friends back in 2011. Amy says that Jim is typically a bit more reserved when he first meets people (except us, I swear he didn't seem like a quiet person to me at all!), but when they met he said all of 5 words to Amy.

At the time, Amy had a boyfriend, so Jim told me he was just waiting out this guy. He would eventually get Amy's number through their mutual friend and ask her on a date. It was a Wednesday night, and they were both having so much fun flirting and talking they didn't want the night to end! In fact, it was on this first date that Amy knew she was going to marry Jim. The next day, they picked up where they left off and they just never stopped dating after that.

Coupling up together was a perfect fit for them both, but no words were spoken about marriage. They eventually bought a house and the same day they bought the house, Jim also purchased an engagement ring, without Amy ever knowing it. In fact, Amy had NO idea a proposal was coming.

It was Amy’s birthday and they were back in the PGA Tournament. It was raining all day and it just let up enough for the Tournament to keep going. Well, Amy was working for the Tournament and her colleague called her to the front so everyone could sing her happy birthday. She was mortified but preceded to the front. That's when Jim came out on a tracker. In shock, Amy didn't know what was happening. And then, in front of all these people, he got down on one knee and proposed to her.  

This fantastic story swept me off my feet. I mean, wow, Jim, wow. Surprises like this are what movies are made of!

I absolutely adored being able to capture Amy and Jim at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park for this special Anniversary Session. It's truly one of the most breathtaking beach locations in all of San Diego. The light is so DIVINE! As you two make your way back to Iowa, I hope these photos will remind you of the amazing time you had visiting our laid-back San Diego city. Can't wait to see you again, next time on your side of the country!