Oceanside Pier Engagement Session | Robin and Nick | San Diego Wedding Photographer


One of the coolest things about being a wedding photographer is getting to hear love stories of all sorts. Sometimes love strikes instantly, sometimes love builds over time, and sometimes it’s a combination of the two. There is no right or wrong way to be in love, but you are lucky if you are. 

Robin and Nick’s love story was one built over time. They met in February of 2015. Nick had decided to try out a new chiropractor, and Robin was sitting behind the desk when he arrived. Nick was coming into the shop two times a week and as they started to see each other more, they also discovered things they had in common. For one, they are both from Wisconsin and are huge fans of the Green Bay Packers. As Nick started to come more often, he’d find himself waiting in the lobby for his appointment and listening to Robin as she worked.

Robin thought Nick was really cool and wanted to explore a friendship with him, so one day she decided to find him on Facebook. Nick was happy to have her request and excited to move their relationship outside of the chiropractor office, but before he accepted he wanted to make sure his Facebook profile was up to snuff. So, he had some help from his sister to clean it up. He wanted to put in some extra effort.

Once the request went through, Nick took the opportunity to ask her if she would meet him for a drink. He knew she lived in the Oceanside area, and so they decided on Hello Betty Fish House. Nick got there early and had a drink to calm his nerves. He was pretty anxious (I mean, Robin is a beautiful kickass babe, how could he not be?). When Robin arrived though, they both felt very settled. Actually, they couldn’t stop talking. They discovered they had a similar upbringing, and to top it off, they even have a similar sense of humor.

Their love for each other was more of a gradual process. It wasn't until Robin's best friend told her that she has never seemed so like herself with a man before that made Robin look at Nick in a new way, and she knew a love was starting to develop. The two would not stop dating after their first one. 

Then, on Christmas Eve of 2017, Nick surprised her with a proposal for marriage. As you can tell by now, Nick is a man who does things with care. They were opening up gifts, and it was Robin's turn. She opened up a large picture frame with four windows on it. In each window read a word: "Will You Marry Me?"

Freakin' cute, right?

I have known Robin for quite a few years now, running into her informally at parties through a mutual friend of ours named Scott. And it just so happened, that I ran into her and our friend Scott at Green Dragon Tavern, the place where their wedding reception is being held. It was at a point where she was looking for a photographer, so, to say the least, it was meant to be. That meeting led us to our next one, at the place where they shared their first date, Hello Betty Fish House.

It was really fun getting to know Robin and Nick as a couple during their Oceanside Pier Engagement Session. Nick is an all-around likable and rad human being, and so is Robin. Together, they have a super relationship... what I like to think of as Twin Flames. We started out at Hello Betty with a couple of drinks and I got to hear their love story again, this time with Nick’s point of view. Then, we made our way down to Oceanside Pier which is pretty special to their relationship, as they've spent many days and evenings there.

Even though it was insanely windy, we still had a blast twirling around the sands by the pier. With love like this, it's hard not to have a good time! 

Robin and Nick, I had such a fun evening with you two! We had such a nice flow and I loved getting to know you both. I’m so excited to share this sneak peek with you, but I am evening more excited for your upcoming May wedding. Thank you for trusting me to capture the only time in your lives that you will be engaged!