Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal | Michelle And Navi | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness! Michelle said YES, and it was so epic and so beautiful. 

Here’s the backstory. 

Navi texted me on Monday saying that he was flying into San Diego on Friday from New York to propose to his girlfriend Michelle! Michelle had been at a conference for work all week in San Diego, and together they decided to take this opportunity to plan a vacation on our western shores.

Michelle and Navi met through mutual friends over six years ago on a random summer evening. They only briefly spoke, but it was enough to create sparks and start a fire. There's more to the story, but most importantly, they started dating which has led to a life journey of exploring new places together. The topic of marriage has come up, and it was clear the two would be destined to be together. Navi figured she would be expecting a proposal this year, but he did everything in his power to keep it under wraps including sourcing the engagement ring without her knowing.

Navi wanted to make the memory of their proposal unforgettable, and with a week of Michelle in California and Navi in New York, he had time to plan it all out. After seeing Shreya and Sagar’s Sunset Cliffs Proposal, another destination proposal I shot last year, I got the text. Navi wanted to propose at this gorgeous location, too. 

Planning something as big as a proposal from a distance is always challenging and it’s something I love helping my grooms-to-be plan (like seriously plan), and because Navi wanted to make this the most special memory, we brought in Events by Lift, a San Diego based event coordination, design and specialty rental business to set up a romantic picnic that the two would stumble across on the evening of the proposal. 

Since Navi had never been to San Diego, I wanted to give him a couple of options and so I scouted out Cabrillo National Monument too, which is right next to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, and after sharing photos with him and explaining the layout he was all in.

So when Navi landed on Friday we met at the entrance of Cabrillo National Park where I picked him up and drove us to the different spots I was envisioning. It was so cool getting to spend time getting to know him ahead of time and watching him keep the surprise a secret from Michelle.

Well, Saturday rolled in and the clouds rolled out just in time for a perfect day when I get a call from Amy from Events by Lift. "Cabrillo National Monument is closed and cars are being turned around because of the government shut down," Amy said.  

It was time to think quick on our feet, and so we quickly pivoted the plan to Sunset Cliffs, our original destination. Navi had never been there before and we soon created a new plan through intermittent text messages and phone calls. 

My assistant would be waiting at the crossroad where the uber would drop them off. He would see my assistant Lina and she would lead them to the proposal destination, an epic cliff overlook. Once she got there, she would ask them if they wanted a picture together. At that point, she would help convince Michelle to put on her heels! And, let me tell you, everything worked as planned (even though just minutes before the location was covered with people).

It was seriously an amazing group effort to pull off this proposal and I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you, Amy and Jackie from Events by Lift, and my incredible assistant Lina for making this surprise proposal so special for these two! 

Navi and Michelle, congratulations on your recent engagement! Words cannot describe how amazing it was to help Navi mastermind this proposal and then get to witness your love radiate from the cliff tops of one of the most beautiful and scenic location in San Diego. I am so happy for you two! I am overjoyed. Cheers to a lifetime of epic memories together. 


Photography: Jax Connolly Photo

Rentals & Styling: Event By Lift

Cake & Rentals: Twin Treats Sd