Del Mar Racetrack Horse Races | Chef Marian Does the Horse Races | San Diego Event Photographer


I am always down for an adventure and my mom is notorious for getting herself into something fun. This time, it was skybox access at the Del Mar Racetrack for the end of the summer horse races

It was a drizzly and free-spirited Sunday for me. In the morning, I headed out with my dog Mamas to Cardiff State Beach to visit with our friends Devin and Chris and take a swim. Then, with sandy toes and ocean kissed hair, I ripped off my bathing suit and pulled on my new favorite romper dress from Francesca's. I raced to meet my mom so that we could carpool into the Del Mar Racetrack, only to find that my mom had left the tickets at home. So we raced back to her house, grabbed the tickets and some homemade vegan lasagna, and made it back right on time.

What I love about the Horse Races is the choice of dress people wear. People dress it up, wear big hats, dresses, suits, and swank it out. Is swank it out such a thing? Well. It is now. It's an awesome energy to be around because everyone is feeling really good (in part because they swanked it out and in part because of the liquid courage in their hands). Regardless, it's a good time.

This good time couldn't have gotten any better. It was serendipitous from the moment we stepped foot in the skybox. I quickly found myself falling into the company of an old friend named Jennifer who used to run the podcast Social Informant. I hadn't seen her for quite a few years. She was accompanied by an awesome lady named Stephanie. One thing led to another and we were soon linked up with a brother and sister team and a man named Butch.