Cardiff State Beach Lifestyle Portrait | Family Visit from Virginia | San Diego Family Vacation Photographer


When I found out my close friends Devin and Chris were going to be in town for Labor Day weekend, I knew I had to find some time in my schedule to visit. Since they have moved to Virginia, not only have they purchased their first home, they became pregnant with their first child (#relationshipgoals)!

What made the deal sweeter was that her family would be there as well! Her mom, Tamara, and her husband Andy, are the owners of Vinyasa Arts Yoga Studio here in Cardiff-by-the-Sea (in the Seaside Market shopping center). They have also recently moved to the southeast opening up their second studio. So, it was a double whammy getting to see everyone!

Tamara and Andy had staked out a spot at Cardiff State Beach at 4 AM in the morning ('cause otherwise you won't get a place to park your camper on weekend, let alone Labor Day Weekend) and they invited whoever could make it to swing by and say hello. Mamas dog and I were the first to roll up. When we got there Devin's brother Sage, Tamara, and Andy were hanging out outside the camper enjoying the salty view. This ridiculously humid and overcast weather made it perfect conditions for a dip in the ocean.  

Lucky for me, Mamas dog loves to swim. She's a beach babe for life so the two of us accompanied Sage down to the water's edge. Sage jumped in with his surfboard and Mamas and I went to go swim and play with the other pups. After 20 minutes and feeling waterlogged, we heard Dev and Chris had arrived so we circled back to give big hugs. 

Dev and I have been friends since middle school and I spent many weekends with her family laughing, cooking, dancing, singing, traveling, and goofing around. I have always seen her family as an extension of my own and while we only got to hang out for what felt like a split second (seriously, it was WAY TOO SHORT), I was so happy to be able to see her and Chris even for that short period of time. It was especially amazing getting to see Devin’s pregnancy glow and adorable baby bump. 

I'm so looking forward to their return next month for the baby shower!!!