Batiquitos Lagoon Engagement Session | Lizzie + Tony | San Diego Wedding Photographer


I love classic love stories like Lizzie and Tony’s. Lizzie and Tony’s story starts one evening at O’Sullivan’s Pub in Escondido. They both had planned to be out with friends that night, but last minute, both friends dropped out. Lizzie was already dressed up and Tony wasn’t going to sit at home. So, they both decided to go out (unbeknownst to them that this outing would begin their love story).

Tony sat at the bar and ordered a drink. As destiny would have it, there would be an open seat next to Tony when Lizzie arrived, and Lizzie would grab that seat.

They sat side-by-side for an hour without even saying a hello until the bartender and the waitress had a funny exchange which caught both Lizzie and Tony’s attention. The bartender was hitting on the waitress when the waitress blatantly shot him down. It was a funny enough interaction to cause Lizzie to turn to the stranger next to her and say, “Did you see what just happened?” The two laughed over this amusing moment and by the end of the night, Tony and Lizzie weren’t strangers anymore.

What I love about Lizzie and Tony is that their relationship is filled with laughter. They met on a laughing moment and got engaged on one, too. Tony had gone through a lot to hide his planning and proposing, but Lizzie was already in the know about the ring because it was customized. So, there was no doubt that getting married was going to happen. While Tony was trying to keep under wraps that he had the ring, all the sneaky behavior tipped her off. She knew he must have the ring.

Tony had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to create an elaborate romantic scheme to pop the question, but after an evening laughing over gangster comedy movie Keanu on their living room couch, Lizzie couldn’t wait any longer. So, she turned to Tony and said, “Just ask me.”  And so, he put down his ideas, and simply asked her. As Lizzie tells me, it was the best night of her life.

Lizzie and Tony are such a perfect match for each other and it was absolutely reaffirmed to me during our Batiquitos Lagoon Engagement Session. Their care for one another comes in many forms. For Tony, it comes in the form of being an upstanding gentleman -- carrying bags, helping balance her while she puts on her heels -- and loving her completely. Forehead kisses are a common occurrence between Tony and Lizzie. For Lizzie, it comes in the form of holding Tony close as her man and loving him in his entirety. Lizzie has this deeply romantic and loving look she gives Tony throughout our session. 

Lizzie wore a blue and turquoise floral on white sheath dress with fancy gold-hued heels while Tony wore a light blue button up, a black blazer, black dress pants with black dress shoes. They looked super sharp! The couple accessorized with a bouquet of red roses that looked absolutely stunning as it popped against the rest of their blue, white, and black color palette.

I was really excited to photograph their session at this Carlsbad lagoon, even in 77-degree weather, because it's an absolutely gorgeous outdoor engagement location. Actually, we decided on this location after I met Lizzie and Tony for the first time at their wedding venue. The hotel sits on a hill and looks out onto the Batiquitos Lagoon and onto the ocean. So, it just felt right to have our session there.

Lizzie and Tony, I had so much fun getting to photograph your love before your best day ever. I can’t WAIT for your Park Hyatt Aviara wedding and I am so excited that I get to be the one to tell your love story and capture all these sweet memories!