Leucadia Lifestyle Portrait | National Senior Citizen Day | San Diego Lifestyle Photographer


When I asked Liz if I could follow her around and document her lifestyle for National Senior Citizen Day, she wasn’t opposed. So, in a spur of spontaneity last week, I drove over to her house to document everything I dearly admire about this youthful independent woman, whom I’ve adopted as my grandma. Yes, I adopted her. Not legally; it was a more spiritual adoption.

I met Liz a couple of years back when Dylan and I became her neighbor. This is when we lived in one of our favorite places on the planet: Leucadia. We learned fast that we were so lucky to live in that studio. The location was amazing and, with time, we created a tight-knit community of neighbors who we consider family (Liz being one of them).

Liz has had a substantial impact on my spiritual and holistic well-being, and never shy's away from giving me truthful advice or showing me ways to stretch out my body. She is a very special lady who is sharp as a knife when she needs to be and wildly adventurous. She is an avid traveler and continues to do amazing trips all over the world. Did I mention she is almost 80-years-young? Liz is an extraordinary vibrant soul, a healer by trade, a plant caretaker, a not so lousy cook, and an artist for life.

Liz is one of my most favorite people on this planet. I love every moment I get to spend with this amazing lady. and loved that she was open to me capturing her passion, lifestyle, and daily rituals. Enjoy this Leucadia Lifestyle Portrait.