San Diego Fashion Show | La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival | San Diego Event Photographer


This weekend, I attended the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, considered the “Cannes of the fashion film world,” a 3-part invitation only festival with the most beautiful people you have ever seen at the Mandeville Auditorium at the University of San Diego, California.

I was invited by my friend Shannon Henry from Studio Carre Photographie. She came with her girlfriends, Ilene King of the Ilene King Brand and Kristy Swanson of The Nurture Blog. They all rocked Ilene King Brand dangling earrings, cuff bracelets, and clutch bags.

Beauty knows no bounds at a fashion show, and running into the stunning Brooke Evangeline, model extraordinaire, who was wearing a dress by fashion designer Nolan Dean, the girls knew the outfit would be complete with Ilene King Brand Moon Phrases Earrings. And so, a photo shoot was born! We brought her to a backdrop of eucalyptus trees and with the light shining through her dress, it was a mesmerizing site, and the background I would return to for most of the rest of the shoots. Seriously, can’t stop looking at these photos!

A second shoot was born in the same manner with an eloquent beauty in a red dress, named Paige Breon. Paige is a San Diego fashion model and former NFL cheerleader with a girl next door vibe. She was seriously the sweetest thing! With the hit of gold and an Ilene King Brand black clutch, the outfit was complete.

I met several other beautiful people on the red carpet, including the striking Kelly Lenahan, who caught my eye from miles away. She rocked a dazzling gold dress by Lisseth Corrao, with hair and makeup from San Diego’s finest, Mr. Waatani Norris and Anya Baker, respectively.

At this point, I was on a roll. I photographed the beautiful San Diego model and UCSD graduate, Mz Sarah Bella, against a golden wall lighting up her skin in golden magic. Loved this and loved having this quick shoot with this native. 

Then, my eyes locked on Brandon Liberati, celebrity hairstylist star on a hit reality TV show on Bravo, who was wearing a sexy teal plaid suit by Mr Turk with an accent pink flower on his lapel. Omg, I just died he looked so sexy! He’s got the sexy man in the world George Clooney thing going on with a mix of bad boy Billy Bob Thornton. The best part, he was so sweet.

Throughout making my rounds through the crowds, I got stopped by producer/director Greg McDonald and cinematographer Robert Correa who featured their film the night before entitled, “The Selfie That Changed the World.” Although I didn’t get a chance to see it, it’s definitely on my to see list now! Just watching the trailer got me chuckling. These two guys were so laid back and cool. I super appreciated our conversation.

As I scanned the line to walk the red carpet, I met Emily Merwin of San Diego Productions, with her very sweet and husband date. I felt pulled to photograph this attractive couple, who looked like they were off to their garden wedding to tie the knot! Seriously, her gorgeous white lace dress was not bought but made ladies!, and his deep grey suit was a complimentary touch. I swear, taken out of the traditional fashion scene, we could have been at a wedding. They were so incredibly patient and sweet while I posed them and snapped their photos.  

The second couple I had the pleasure of capturing was Alexander from Alexander Designs and his lovely husband. I had been eyeing the vintage Model T, and with how dapper and debonair these two were, I just had a feeling the car would be the perfect modern day prop. They were so incredibly handsome and eloquent and just every word imaginable for perfect. Photographing them was a dream.

As I was on my way out, I ran into my last superstar of the night, Chrissy from The Chrissy Collective. It was so nice to see a local and familiar face, someone who is rising in this fashion world and of course, looking gorge!

From someone who is from San Diego, it was a nice surprise to see how popping and vibrant the Fashion Film scene is in San Diego. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to come spend a weekend in San Diego? This place is paradise.