Encinitas Family Portrait | Zeman Family | San Diego Family Photographer

I often get nostalgic for my childhood over the summertime, especially when I see a child enjoying a simple outdoors pleasure like trying to track down lizards or playing peek-a-boo behind a tree. Which is exactly the experience I had photographing the Zeman Family. The twins are three and love to explore which is so wondrous and takes me right back to when I was a threenager. 

It's always a special time when I get to visit with Ms. Zeman and her sweet babes. I've known my sweet friend for many years now and have been lucky enough to know her before and after Elaina and Louie joined her universe. 

I took them to a local Encinitas walking path I love that doesn't see too much traffic and allowed us the simple pleasure of walking through the grove of sweet smelling Eucalyptus trees, petting some really nice dogs along the way, and then finding shade in a rosemary patch. It was a truly simple and sweet summer day.