City of Encinitas Event | iPalpiti Concert Series 2017 | San Diego Event Photographer

The Encinitas Library is one of those special public places that you can spend hours in. They have a robust book collection, the building is situated with one of the best ocean views, and the City of Encinitas uses the space to celebrate both local and internationally acclaimed arts all throughout the year. This month, City of Encinitas presented iPalpiti Concert Series 2017, marking its 6th season showcasing six iPalpiti soloists in daily Virtuosi concerts.

Under the direction of Eduard Schmieder, this year’s iPalpiti Series featured Peter Mezo from Hungary and Stephanie Appelhans from Germany on Violins; Victor de Almeida from Australia-Brazil on Viola; Ofer Canetti from Israel and Francisco Vila from Ecuador on Violoncelli;  and Jacopo Giacopuzzi from Italy on Piano. The orchestra's players (ages 19-32) are all winners of prestigious international awards.

As one concert goer mentioned to me during their performance, these soloists make playing classical music look effortless. And, it was so true. For how serious the music is though, it was a nice surprise to find that the soloists are a lively bunch of funny, passionate, and at times, goofy millennials.

It was seriously an honor to help document these international rising stars and it was that much more special to document them in my hometown of Encinitas. The iPalpiti Festival 2017 will continue in Los Angeles until the end of the month. Find out more information here.