Rancho Santa Fe Family Portrait | Lerace Family | San Diego Family Photographer


I super enjoyed spending time with the Lerace Family, a spunky mother-daughter duo with their super sweet and well-behaved pup Sasha, on a lush back trail in Rancho Santa Fe a couple of Sundays ago.

This was their first family portrait in quite some time, so it was particularly special. Lexie and her mom had quite a few good laughs during our session. At one point, I asked them to hold hands and walk down the trail, and they started cracking up (which I loved). After doing it once they decided it was weird, and let go. This is because Lexie and her mom often times get mistaken for being together instead of mother daughter. When you spend time with these two artistic souls though, it’s pretty clear that they are family through and through.

One of my favorite things about this session was their style and the props Lexie brought --- like the fox masks (too perfect for our location) and even a sparkly little blue hat and magenta super star glasses which Sasha rocked at the end of our session like a boss which made for some silly and comical moments.

It’s always special to capture a moment in time for a family, especially when you are living far away and not able to see each other often. This session especially reminded me of my relationship with my mom. Lexie and Debra, I hope these photos serve as reminders that your individual lives are on the perfect path and the love you share, although far away, is vibrant and all encompassing.