Temecula Family Portrait | Rooks + Olivas Family | San Diego Family Photographer

As I look back on my own family history, it occurred to me that my family did professional family photos one time growing up and that one time I have zero memory of, I just have the pictures. It cracks me up too because they look like school photos for a family. Yeah know what I'm talking about? Studio-bound with glamorous 90's blue backgrounds (I'll have to find them and post a photo just so we can all have a good laugh). Kids grow up so fast, and if there is one thing I could go back in time and change, it would be for my family to have prioritized yearly family photos, a catalog of our growth as a family. There's very few of us all together in a photo and it's these photos that I cherish to this day.

Which is one of the reasons I feel it is such an honor to capture a family. Family photos are some of the most important keepsakes; treasures that kids will look back on throughout the years, then their kids will look back on, and their kids too. I loved helping create that keepsake for the Rooks + Olivas family. What made it so great was that we could do it in such a beautiful location right outside of Temecula in their town of Winchester. There are so many non-obvious locations to shoot nearby their house, and we found just the right spot down the street that was so natural and wild. The girls even harvested some wildflowers on our walk!

Such a beautiful family. It's been exciting to watch your girls grow and I look forward to capturing your family again and again!