Anza-Borrego Couple Portrait | Kristin + John | San Diego Wedding Photographer


It's super sweet to mark a moment with a trip to the desert. It's even sweeter to do that with your other half. I got to witness the love and light with Kristin + John last month in this Anza-Borrego Couple Portrait. They decided to make a stop a see the epic, intense and wonderful wildflower super bloom in Anza-Borrego before heading on to the other-worldly desert oasis, Joshua Tree. 

I've been melting over these photos ever since I took them because Kristin + John are so magnetic together. With a film camera on hand and their casual badass desert-vibe, these two were born ready to adventure the desert together.

It's pretty unreal to see the desert green and in bloom. Anywhere you look wildflowers are stretching their stems so that their flowers reach the sun (we can learn so much from nature!). We spent some time exploring the magnificent and colorful desert landscape around the Visitor Center until the sun set behind those large rocky mountains, but our adventure wasn't over.

In fact, we got a second wind and a second sunset as we headed into the small town of Borrego Springs. Two sunsets in one day with these two? That's just straight up desert magic!