Fletcher Cove Beach Surprise Proposal | Kelly + Dotan | San Diego Wedding Photographer

She said YES!!!!!! This week I got the chance to be a part of a super sweet Surprise Proposal at Fletcher Cove Beach! A couple of days before, Dotan gave me the deets. Kelly + Dotan had met as grad students in the Political Science department at UCSD and I'd be meeting them at the spot where he and Kelly went on their first date! We didn't want to tip Kelly off, so I arrived early and brought a beach blanket to hang out on by the cliff while I waited for their arrival, camera ready, but blending in with the sunbathers.

I'd never met Dotan or Kelly before, but he had sent me a picture and told me what they were wearing so I was ready. Quite a few couples came and went, and there was one really big false alarm (because the false alarm couple's outfits were similar!!), but it all just added to the excitement!

Then, I saw them! As they walked closer to me, Dotan intuitively stopped and embraced Kelly. They stood there flirting with each other as I covertly snapped photos. She giggled and they kissed, and then, he dug into his pocket. I could see the nerves and excitement rising in Dotan. This was the moment!!! Then, he got down on one knee which couldn't have lasted more than 3 seconds because Kelly immediately leaned down to kiss him, emotions overflowing, with an overwhelming YES!!!!

After giving the couple 5 or so minutes for the reality to sink in, Dotan pointed out that he had brought along a photographer (which was a relief to Kelly that someone had captured this cherished moment)! I was so happy to meet this beautiful newly engaged couple and to hold space for their deep love and affection. They were seriously glowing!!! I wish you could hear Kelly's giggles. I smile just thinking about it! It takes me back to when my husband and I got engaged.

Congratulations, Kelly + Dotan!! I am so happy for your new beginning and am honored to capture your love and soul connection. <3