An Epic Life Celebration of a Beloved Human Being


This post is very personal, but I feel a call to share these stories and pictures; to remember the full life this individual led and the world of impact he had on everyone who knew him. This weekend was an epic life celebration of a beloved human being, and that human being was named Ryan. 

I met Ryan in high school when Ryan looked like Axel Rose (long hair, bandana, full on punk). He always left quite an impression on people, and he especially did on me. I had the fortune of dating Ryan in college and being introduced to the way he saw the world and the amazing people in it. Ryan and I shared many life-expanding moments like traveling out of the country for the first time together.

It was no surprise to me that Ryan found a love for cats (he, like me, is a Leo after all), but he once told me that my influence helped him develop that. To quote him, "I hate people who hate cats but at the same time, I kinda feel bad for them. They don't get the legitness." Ryan was a full-time animal lover and we initially bonded over our love for dolphins. One time he told me why he loved dolphins so much. He said, "I love how [dolphins] fuck with sharks and save people."

Ryan was full of cheeky comments and witty boy humor (we spent countless hours watching shows like South Park and Dave Chappell), but ultimately Ryan was a poet. His words will live on forever through his poems and writings. 

I am forever honored to have been a queen to Ryan's king. I will always hold close the memories from the times we shared together. 

Rest in paradise, Ryan. 

Untitled by Ryan Bruce Crockett*

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there,
I do not sleep.

This soul was never mine to keep,
We are but sunlight piercing the air.
Our shared heart beats throughout the deep,
Falling trees without sound or care.

We are happiness shared between
The dawn and dusk.
Shadows and dust.

Please don’t stand at my grave and cry.
We are eternal,
We do not die.

*Adapted from a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye entitled, "Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep."