Carlsbad Fall Family Lifestyle Session at Gaia Gelato | McAllister Family | San Diego Family Photographer


When Angelique contacted me to discuss her vision of doing a family lifestyle session that involved the family getting gelato, I couldn’t be more excited to help her vision come to life! I absolutely love lifestyle sessions, whether that’s walking the cute streets of where you live or getting gelato at your favorite local gelato spot. For the McAllister family, it was getting a scoop of gelato at Gaia Gelato in the super cute village of Carlsbad (otherwise known as Carlsbad Village).

The McAllister family takes photos every year to capture their family memories and with Maverick looking like a 3-year-old (even though he only 20 months!) it was a great time to capture their yearly tradition for their Christmas cards. The McAllister’s also brought along their sweet pups, Duke and Daisy and a friend to help us manage them, for their fall family lifestyle session!

Angelique did an amazing job selecting the outfits for her sweet family which included a black and floral dress for her with super cute nude heels, a white small palm-a-dot shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes for her husband Ryan, and for Maverick, a blue jean button down shirt, mustard-colored jeans, and bright blue shoes that matched his dad’s jeans.

Like all family sessions, it’s all about going with the flow especially with two dogs and an independent and wiggly walking toddler! Maverick’s name is so fitting for his personality. He is curious and bold, and even though he doesn’t talk yet, is able to clearly say no to the things he doesn’t want. He is independent and ready to take on the world, and so, we let him start with taking on the staircase!

After strolling around the shopping mall, getting lifted in the air a bunch, and capturing some candids and posed along the way, we headed to our destination: Gaia Gelato. Maverick doesn’t know the world gelato, but he knows the word ice cream and when he got the “ice cream” in his hands, he was SO excited and happy! Who wouldn’t be eating that yummy colorful gelato? After eating probably more than he has ever had, he went into full-on sugar comatose that had us all cracking up.

I super enjoyed getting to spend an evening with the sweet McAllister Family. It was an honor to help mom tell a story of this season of their lives together! Family sessions are reflective of life: they don’t always go as planned, but when you go with the flow and decide to just have a good time, that’s when the magic happens. Because at the end of the day, family lifestyle sessions are all about capturing a memory of your family in this moment of your lives together!

Thank you the McAllister Family for letting me capture this special memory!