Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal | Shreya and Sagar | San Diego Surprise Proposal Photographer


I spent a gorgeous evening with Shreya and Sagar, two beautiful souls who have been in a loving long distance relationship and who have made traveling together the lace of their love.

Shreya and Sagar met eventually, but it took two close friends of theirs to help bridge that gap. When the two independently decided to join their mutual friends on a “random” friend trip to D.C. they had their first connection. Falling in love with each other after that was seamless, even while living in different states, and over time as they traveled to see each other all around the country, it was clear to them that their love was everlasting.

Shreya and Sagar flew separately to San Diego this weekend creating yet another memory together, but this time was extraordinary. On top of coming here to see a Coldplay concert at Qualcomm Stadium and go to the San Diego Zoo, Sagar had booked a photo shoot for the two of them where he would propose to her.

Since Shreya had been wanting to take professional photos with Sagar, this surprise photo shoot did not throw her off. Instead, she was excited to finally get photos and was prepping her man for the shoot. Little did she know that Sagar and I had been masterminding this surprise proposal at one of San Diego’s finest viewpoints, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, weeks before.

Sagar and I sent many text messages back and forth discussing his romantic proposal ideas that included not only one of the most idyllic viewpoints in San Diego, but red and blush rose petals raining down on them as he got down on one knee. This idea was so exciting that I went to work locating a florist to make this possible! The day of the session, I picked up a bag of rose petals from Del Mar Florist and Gifts.

Shreya would throw the petals up in the air three times, and on the third time, Sagar would be on one knee with the engagement ring. So after warming up and enjoying the cliffs, we headed to our last destination: a secluded spot on the overlook with the cliffs standing stunningly in the background as the waves crashed to its shores. When Sagar identified the spot from far away, the spot just opened up to us and honestly, could not have been a more perfect location. The moment, the place, and the timing all too perfect.

There was so much love and care throughout their session, that when Shreya threw the third round of rose petals and turned around to find Sagar on one knee with a ring, our time together went to a whole other level, a real level, a level of raw love and emotion. The surprise was shockingly sweet with tears of joy being wiped away by each other.

Shreya and Sagar, thank you for trusting me to capture your Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal (disguised as a couple portrait session). It was seriously an honor to help mastermind this proposal with you Sagar, capture your precious memories, and witness this sacred moment in your lives together. You two are amazing human beings and I am so thankful to have been able to serve you. Here’s to many more extraordinary moments ahead and an incredible wedding in your future!