Del Mar Family Lifestyle Session | Louthan Family | San Diego Family Photographer


What a delight it was to spend the evening with the Louthan Family on the shores of Del Mar! Rufina had been on the search for a photographer to capture their first family photo while baby Henley was still under 1-years-old. In fact, the last time Rufina and Ray had professional photography was at their wedding 5 years ago so this moment was especially important to capture as her little isn’t getting any litter!

Her vision was to capture their happy beachy lifestyle during the golden hour when the light is the dreamiest, which is my absolute favorite time.

Baby Rufina is simply the cutest and when mommy and daddy tickle her she lights up with the biggest most joyful smile. I swear, that when she smiles the whole world smiles back. She was such a well behaved little munchkin and has her mom’s beautiful eyes and dad’s cute button nose.

I was so happy to be able to capture the family together, including the family dog Harper who was running around us and into the water and back having a blast! It was also especially sweet to be able to capture some moments between Rufina and Ray alone together.

One of my favorite things about their family lifestyle session, other than the fact that they are such a beautiful family, was their choice of dress. Rufina wore a gorgeous lace flowy dress in blush, Ray wore a light blue button up rolled at the sleeves and grey fitted pants, and baby Henley wore a dress that matched mommy but a little brighter in pink.

The Louthan’s family unconditional love for one another was beautiful and real. Their laid back vibe made our time together go by so peacefully and I had a blast getting to know everyone and capture their true spirit. I cannot wait to photograph baby Henley’s first birthday party! It’s going to be so much fun.