Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal | Renee and Daniel | San Diego Wedding Photographer


I spent a gorgeous windswept evening on the shores of San Diego with two beautiful people, Renee and Daniel, and Daniel’s amazing sister Catherine!

Renee and Daniel are world travelers, foodies, and both work in the medical field. Their story begins in Cusco, Peru where they met on a volunteer medical outreach trip. After two weeks of hanging out with Renee in a foreign country, Daniel knew he was falling in love with this girl. Upon their return, they had their first official date eating pizza and drinking wine at an Italian restaurant in East Sacramento, where the two had been living. All these special moments led up to them committing to a serious relationship and eventually moving to San Diego.  They have been exploring our beautiful city together ever since.

But Renee had never been to Sunset Cliffs, and because of its spectacular ocean cliff views, that’s where Daniel wanted to make a very special memory and propose to the love his life. When his sister Catherine found out he was planning to pop the question she went all out on planting seeds to create a viable story to lure Renee to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, help nail down outfits, and hire a surprise proposal photographer!

So the story went that Renee would be modeling for a lifestyle brand shoot. A half an hour into our session while Renee is looking out at the gorgeous ocean, Daniel would walk up with a red rose and create the initial surprise. Then, in shock seeing him there with a red rose and looking fly, he would tell her how much he loves her, get down on one knee with a Tiffany-inspired diamond, and ask for her hand in marriage.

And that’s EXACTLY how it went down! After 30 minutes of modeling with the craziest Beyonce wind you’ve ever seen, Daniel walked up out of nowhere. Renee was SHOCKED. Her facial expression was incredible and then when he got down on one knee the surprise got to a whole other level of beautiful emotion. Daniel really knocked the surprise out of the ballpark!!! She had NO IDEA that all of this was a setup to get her here, to this gorgeous location, so that Daniel could sweep her off her feet like he did in Peru! After the proposal, the emotions were still pouring and so we chased the gorgeous light until we were at sea level watching the sun melt into the ocean.

Renee and Daniel, you two are so adorable together! I feel so honored to have been the one to capture this special moment in your relationship! It was seriously an honor to help mastermind this proposal with you Daniel and sooo cool getting to see how your sister has your back and Renee’s! You two are seriously loved!!! Here’s to many more surprising and extraordinary moments ahead!

Photography: Jax Connolly Photo

Location: Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Dress Boutique: Stroll