Encinitas Baby Shower | Devin and Chris' Lumberjack Baby Shower | San Diego Family Photographer


Oh boy! A little man is on his way! And his name is Alden.

Devin and Chris fell in love in college, and I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Devin since we were in jr. high, getting to witness her find love in Chris, and then watch their love evolve into a marriage in 2015, move to another state in 2016, and now in 2017 buy their first home and start a family!! It’s truly amazing watching friends evolve and live their lives to the fullest. And for Devin and Chris, this is exactly what I see. 

Since Devin and Chris traveled out from their new home state of Virginia for a friend’s wedding, all us friends back home wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion with the mommy and daddy-to-be and so a lumberjack baby shower was born. And with two months left to go, Devin’s baby bump was at the perfect stage for maternity photos and that’s where the day began, hiking up the backyard slope to a drainage area where we miraculous uncovered pine trees and a woodland wonderland. How? Magic.

Devin’s sweet bestie Alaina, Alaina’s lovely mom, and sister-in-law bestie Laura were so amazing to host, decorate, and knock this lumberjack baby shower out of the park with details. And the details were AMAZING. Scroll down to view and you will see beautiful bouquets with yellow sunflowers, red flowers, and green foliage, a stuffed black bear, red lanterns, red and black plaid table linens, and tons of cute signage. It was honestly just the PERFECT autumn baby shower even being like 90 degrees (what the heck is happening San Diego?)!

For food, there was fun finger snacks like peanuts, almonds, and trail mix in silver buckets with brown paper bags to bag your own! A cheese ball hedgehog (woodland creatures welcomed!) crafted by Dev's sister-in-law Danae. Such a cool idea. There was dinner rolls for meat and bbq jackfruit sandwiches, spinach cheese appetizers, and corn on the cob. To drink there was ice tea, alpine beer, and baby bottles full of juice.

Actually, the baby bottles full of juice was for one of the many funny games that this co-ed baby shower offered. And while everyone was invited to participate in the chug the baby bottle game, only the guys participated and it got pretty messy pretty quickly which was hilarious, especially when one of the friends commented, “this definitely doesn’t look like a baby shower.” 

There was quite a few games. Another game called “Who’s that Baby?” where you had to figure out which baby was which person at the shower. Then there was a game called, “What’s the flavor?” where you taste baby foods and try to decide what flavor it is. Seriously, all these games were so stinkin’ cute and creative, I absolutely loved them.

The last thing to talk about is the homemade DIY deserts which consisted of individual sweets: chocolate covered strawberries; cupcakes in white, red, and yellow with polka dots; and chocolate covered marshmallow popsicles. The topper of the three-tiered dessert display? A red and black plaid reindeer. Edging into fall and winter with some serious baby shower inspiration.

Congratulations Devin and Chris!!! I cannot wait to meet Baby Alden the next time I see you two. Devin, you looked absolutely stunning. The pregnancy glow that you are emitting is so beautiful and bright. I’m so excited for you two to become parents and cannot wait to see where this adventure leads you next. Love you.